With the orientation of being one of the leading technology companies in the region, Hcosface has been always a pioneer in applying cutting-edge technology and contributing to create major innovations so that a product is tailor-made for needs of users by convenience, efficiency and economy.


HCOSFACE stands for High Connecting to Operating System by the new FACE which clearly reflect our mission that developing a hi-tech operating system to support enterprises in gaining significant achievements thanks to ultimate solutions provided by HCOSFACE. 


HCOSFACE Corporation, formerly known as Hcos Consulting and Solutions Company Limited, was founded in 2012.

HCOSFACE soon recognized the urgent need of managing the enterprise resources. HCOSFACE is also very sensitive to the trend of digital technology in daily life and business.

HCOSFACE outlined the mission to help domestic and foreign businesses improve the efficiency of management and administration, optimize all resources to reach the sustainable development. As a result, it can push  everyone to change their thinking to integrate with the development trend of the era. Furthermore, it contributes to a civilized and developed society in which everyone has a much better life. 

HCOSFACE's vision is to become a leading technology corporation in Vietnam, a developer of highly applicable technology products for domestic and international users.

Over 5 years of building and laying foundation for a long-termed development, HCOSFACE is gradually improving products to best serve the needs of users, in which it is proud to be a software system for managing enterprise resources online - COMSSOFT and the mobile applications Mydostore.

Relentlessly improving technology and working thinking, especially the pioneering spirit along with a fierce determination, HCOSFACE will continue to create useful and different products so that they can improve the quality of life of users, the development of businesses and the prosperity of society.