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Working environment at Hcosface

Besides the process system, standard regulations and good personnel policies, Hcosface also focuses on building a dynamic and modern working environment, in accordance with the model of a young technology company.

Hcosface emphasizes creativity and spirit to think and dare to create different values, so Hcosface will be the ideal working environment for the personnel:

  • Rich in passion and creativity, like challenges.
  • There is a spirit of progress and a desire to learn.
  • Has awareness and a good sense of organization.


Orientation of employee quality enhancement of Hcosface

  • Strengthening human resources, perfecting a streamlined management system, and high efficiency.
  • Strengthen internal training and combine with reputable external training units to improve the quality of the team of engineers, meet the work requirements and serve the new growth target.
  • Develop and implement personnel exchange / training programs abroad for senior engineers.



  • Working in a dynamic and professional environment, colleagues are friendly and willing to support each other.
  • To fully enjoy the labor welfare regimes in accordance with the current Labor Law.
  • To participate in Comprehensive Health Insurance for employees with full seniority of 1 year or more, medical examination and treatment at leading international Hospitals. You can enjoy hospital guarantee services in the covered hospital system.
  • Opportunities for advancement, equality and fairness with all capable and dedicated employees.
  • Clear and attractive salary and bonus regimes and special bonus policies for employees who contribute to the important development of the Company.
  • In addition to the negotiated salary that is suitable to the candidate's ability, during the process of candidates working at the Company, they will be assessed the actual capacity and have a suitable remuneration system worthy of the efforts and contributions to the Company.


Contact Information

  • Salary: 8,000,000-10,000,000/month


    Job description

    • Analysis and understanding of project operations.
    • Design test plan, testcase, test script, test data according to project requirements.
    • Perform tests based on test plan, testcase, test script, test data.
    • Perform functional tests, product performance based on business requirements
    • Reproduce errors, control errors, monitor test results to ensure project quality.
    • Set up test environment, perform and synthesize test results for development team, customers.


    Professional requirements

    • Experienced in automation test, functional test.
      Ability to analyze the profession, the ability to work in groups, presentations, creative initiative at work, with a high sense of discipline.
    • Be knowledgeable about software testing such as test phases (Unit Test, Integration Test, Functional Test, System Test ...) and testing techniques
    • Knowledge of web application testing.
    • Able to research and explore new business segments, withstand work pressure.
    • English language proficiency: Reading comprehension specialized materials.
  • Salary: 8,000,000 - 10,000,000/month.


    Job description

    • Implementation of application programming, website.
    • Handling, supporting at the request of the Customer for tasks related to the application and website made from the PHP language.
    • Other jobs required by the Direct Manager.


    Professional requirements

    • Understand and have experience in the management system of MySql database, CodeIgniter (CI) framework, Laravel 4x, 5x, CMS.
    • Knowledge and experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript.
    • Careful at work, eager to learn and capable of research materials.
    • Like to do new, enthusiastic work.
    • It would be advantageous if:
    • Knowledge of developing REST and API systems.
    • Used to work with one of the Frameworks: Laravel 5x.
    • Ability to read and understand English documents.
    • Ever used Bootstrap, AngularJs.
    • Proficient in Sql Server, Oracle DB.
    • Proficient in source code management tools such as GIT, SVN ...
    • Having Demo products is a great advantage.
    • English language proficiency: Reading specialized documents.

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Understanding our needs and serving our customers is always our top goal. We are constantly striving to bring satisfaction to each customer. We will contact you within 24 working hours from receipt of your request or inquiries.

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