TOP 10 functions of the mobile app MydoStore

TOP 10 functions of the mobile app MydoStore

More and more mobile applications are developed because they are much more convenient for users, especially they can meet the various needs of users and MydoStore is one of them.

In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices seem to be an inseparable object and a useful tool for any user at work and in life because of its small size, so we can use at anytime and anywhere. The developers, therefore, have focused on researching and exploiting this advantage to create highly practical applications on mobile devices, bringing maximum benefits to users.

MydoStore, one of the typical products of HCOSFACE CORPORATION, is a multi-platform mobile application, and it includes the following 10 outstanding functions:

Person-to-person and group chat

This function helps users make friends online quickly and easily while increasing the ability to interact and connect with other users through chatting one by one or in group. A few outstanding features of this function are as follows:

  • Send online friend request

  • Agree / Cancel / Block friend request

  • Add / Remove members from the group chat; Leave the chat group

  • Send text messages, attach image / audio / video files

  • Reply / recall / forward / copy / delete / reaction to each message

  • Change chat group leader (by optional or random selection)


The name of this function reflects its nature. This function helps users share all information, images or memorable moments at work and life to balance emotions so that we can work effectively and have lots of fun in life.

  • Post to your page, update or delete the posts

  • Comment, and like the posts

  • Notify new posts or new comment on the posts to those in the friendlist

  • Update user profile

  • Block other users from viewing posts on personal page

  • Hide posts of other users on the homepage

Work management

This function supports users to manage work effectively and comprehensively, including personal and team work with the advantages of strict approval procedures, real-time notifications or specific report requirements.

  • Create new task, select assignee, supervisor and supporter

  • Create report requirements

  • Send task assignment

  • Confirm / refuse task assignment

  • Send daily report and attach file (if any)

  • Approve daily report

  • View approval results and feedback

  • Notify new task assignment, late completed task and remind of sending daily report

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Meeting and event management

Users will no longer be in the situation of "forget" or "miss" date and time of the event or the meeting when overloaded because all have been organized, monitored and effectively managed on the mobile app MydoStore.

  • Create meeting or event schedule

  • Select Chair man and Secretary for the meeting

  • Select participants in the meeting or event (internal or external employees)

  • Send invitation to the selected recipients

  • Confirm / Refuse attending the meeting or event

  • View list of participants who agree or refuse to attend the meeting or event (along with reason of refusal)

  • Take the meeting minutes online

  • Attach the meeting minutes and finish the meeting online

  • Cancel the meeting

  • View reason of the meeting cancellation

Customer Information Management

Enter and manage customer information quickly, provide the input data for the customer management module of the Company’s Online Management software system COMSSOFT.

  • Enter customers' personal information and contact information onto the system

  • Attach an existing images or take picture of customer and their namecard directly

  • Remind customer’s birthday, anniversary or other important events

E-message management (Kallmail)

Send important and meaningful messages on all aspects of work and life, contribute to strengthen employees’ commitment and build a unique corporate culture.

  • Create a new message and attach files (if any)

  • Reply or forward a message

  • Display the status of “seen” / “not seen” message

  • Mark favorite messages


A miniature entertainment channel which provides a spiritual remedy to help users relieve pressure at work and life effectively.

  • Watch videos or listen to music online on the device's library or be shared by other users via MydoStore

  • Like or share a video on your page (ShareLife) or share to other users by sending a message


Effective brand promotion channel to customers through the release of promotions, surveys and polls. In addition, MydoBOX is also a bridge between employers and employees on the same need of job to help reduce unemployment.

  • Receive notifications of new programs or new jobs on MydoBOX

  • Search for a program by code

  • Register to join a program on MydoBOX

  • Take a survey, promotion program or gameshow on MydoBOX

  • View the results of the survey, and rankings in the program

  • View history of the registered programs on MydoBOX

  • Assign task to external assignees

Online test taking

Taking the online test at anytime and anywhere but still ensure the transparency and confidentiality of the test questions. In addition, give an objective and accurate result that is a firm basis to select suitable candidate for employment or periodical personnel evaluation in the organizations and businesses.

  • Get notified of exam schedule

  • See the rules and regulations before the start time

  • Take the test online

  • Review the answer sheet before submitting

  • View the test results online immediately after submission

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The mechanism of real-time notification on user-related activities will contribute to ensuring system security while improving the quality of customer services in particular and the networking in general.

  • Notify birthday of users in the friendlist

  • Notify when user account to be logged in from another device

  • Lock user account when their device was lost

MydoStore will be an indispensable application on users' mobile devices to support the work management effectively and comprehensively.

Currently MydoStore has been updated the latest version on the Appstore (iOS) and CH Play (Android).

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