Manage question bank and test bank on WeWeTEST Library

Manage question bank and test bank on WeWeTEST Library

WeWeTEST Library is a function that supports users to organize, store and share question bank, multiple choice test bank or essay-writing test at anytime and anywhere.

WeWeTEST is a software system which consists of 3 functions: Creating and managing question bank and test bank; Taking online test and WeWeTEST Library. Each function includes many essential features to reduce shortcomings not only in education and training but also in the field of recruitment and personnel evaluation. Among the three abovementioned functions, WeWeTEST Library plays an important role in the entire software system because it is the place to store all the question bank and multiple choice test bank (included essay questions) after being gone through a strict approval procedures. This provides a rich and high quality source of test questions for the end-users to improve the effectiveness in their learning, working and training.

So what is the WeWeTEST Library?

WeWeTEST Library, one kind of E-Library, is a place to store all of WeWeTEST's questions and exams after they are reviewed and approved thoroughly. All the question and test bank on WeWeTEST Library are created by a team of experienced and qualified experts in the fields.

WeWeTEST Library includes question library and test paper library with specific features

Question library

  • Mark favourite questions

  • View questions in details

  • Number of views for each question

  • Number of use for each question

  • Comment and give feedback on each question

Test paper library

  • View test paper in details

  • View author’s background

  • Comment and give feedback on each test paper

  • Number of views for each test paper

  • Create an exam schedule from each test paper

Advantages of WeWeTEST Library

  • Provide a rich source of question bank created by matrix of knowledge in many fields, sectors and subjects.

  • Support 2 forms of test paper: essay and multiple choice format in which the multiple choice is supported with 07 types of questions.

  • The quality of questions is guaranteed because they are all created by the content developers of WeWeTEST and its collaborators. All are leading experts with high professional qualifications and experience in their job.

  • Every question or test paper on WeWeTEST Library has gone through a standardized approval process and conducted by a developer who has higher expertise and experience than the creator.

  • The question-marking feature helps users save time selecting proper questions to serve their exam preparation process.

  • Like/Comment/Ranking feature helps improve the quality of exam papers for the end users, from there contributing to improving the quality of the exam using such test papers.

  • Respect the copyright by showing full personal information and work experience as well as achievements of the author.

  • A statistics of the test papers to be viewed and used is a strong basis for end-users to identify and select suitable test paper to use. It is also a reliable foundation to evaluate work performance and ability of the content developers for WeWeTEST Library.

Who should use WeWeTEST Library?

We divide users of WeWeTEST Library into 02 groups:

Active Group

The ones who are responsible to create question bank and test bank on WeWeTEST. They are scientists, engineers, managers, experts, overseas students, fellows, etc. from different occupations.

Passive Group

They are the ones to use the question bank and test bank on WeWeTEST. This group can be anyone who are studying or working in any field, industry, and of any unit/organization/enterprise as long as they fully meet the registration requirements to become a WeWeTEST member.

WeWeTEST Library plays the following key roles

  • Provides a huge online database of question bank and multiple choice test bank, essay and other test types.

  • Be a forum for developers to have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and experiences by learning from the other developers.

  • Be a personal branding channel for the prestigious developers who have greate contributions to the community.

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