Mydostore version 0.7 (Android) and 1.39 (iOS)

Mydostore version 0.7 (Android) and 1.39 (iOS)

Latest version of Mydostore was published on Android and iOS with Contact List, Online Test and attached Meeting Minutes.

On August 16, 2019 Mydostore new version was updated on both Android and iOS devices. What's noticeable on this version?

  • Contact person management (Contact List)

  • To help sales staff update the information of new customers more quickly and conveniently without getting access to the system.

  • New functions

    _ Add new contact information or update existing contact information. The most interesting is that user can take a photo of clients’ namecard and save directly on the system.

    _ Search the existing contact information.

    _ Display contact list according to data updated by each user.

  • Doing an online test 

  • Receive the test and do the test online.

  • For the multiple-choice session, you can view the results immediately after submitting the test.

In addition, the Meeting and Event Management on Mydostore is also added the function of closing the meeting by attaching the available meeting minutes or taking a photo directly with the phone camera. So with this feature, users can create and end the meeting very conveniently regardless of where they are working from. 

Update Mydostore new version and experience such amazing features:

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