• The payment form of Hcosface?

    Hcosface Corporation is applying the following forms of payment:

    • Pay by domestic bank card
    • Pay by international card Visa/Master Card
    • Pay with Internet Banking
    • Transfer at ATM
    • Bank transfer at bank counters
  • All Hcosface software products have a warranty period of 12 months. During this period, any Customer's request for technical assistance will be acknowledged by the Hcosface team and free 24/7 support. After this period, Hcosface will start charging with a fee of 15% of the total value of the order or the ratio of the two parties agreed in the sales contract.

    • Virus damage, loss of data.
    • Reinstall the computer to corrupt or lose data.
    • Hard drive failure causes data loss.
    • Users intentionally corrupt the program or lose data.
    • The server manager causes data loss.
    • Account holder: Pham Thi Thuy Huong
    • STK 1: 1030112197001 - Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank - MB Bank, Transaction Center 2.
    • STK 2: 12524003823010 - Techcombank, Quang Trung branch.
    • STK 3: 0251002112820 - Vietcombank Bank, Cho Lon branch.


  • What is Mydostore?

    Mydostore is a mobile application developed and developed to assist users in managing work/meeting/event schedules and receiving notification of exam schedules, making and submitting online exams quickly and easily. 

  • Mydostore is the first application in Vietnam that integrates both features of managing jobs and sharing information/images on the same interface, contributing to helping users get a balance between work and life.

  • Currently Mydostore is a completely free application, so it will not charge any user fees.

    In case the user experiences a money loss, it may be because the user downloaded Mydostore from an unknown site. Please update or download the new version of Mydostore developed by Hcosface on your mobile device's app store or contact us for assistance:



  • Mydostore is currently installed on iOS and Android operating systems. Hcosface's development team is researching to release Mydostore on other operating systems. We will send notifications to users as soon as Mydostore is successfully built on new operating systems.

    • On Mydostore's login interface, click REGISTER button.
    • Fill in the required information, then check the box "I agree with the Mydostore Terms of Use."
    • Click REGISTER.
    • User enters registered email address or phone number in the box.
    • Enter the password in the box.
    • Press LOGIN.
    • On the login interface, click Forgot password.
    • Enter your registered email address or phone number in the box.
    • Click CONFIRM, the system will send the confirmation code via email address or phone number registered by the user.
  • Users track information and update directly the new version of Mydostore on the mobile app store (iOS and Android operating systems).

  • Users can log in Mydostore account from one mobile device to another but an account can only be logged on one device. If the account is logged in at the same time on another mobile device, the login account on the previous device will automatically log out.

  • Users go to Settings/Settings -> Notifications -> at Mydostore icon, tap Active button (green) to turn on Mydostore notification mode.

    In case the User still does not receive the notice after performing the above actions, please contact us for assistance:

  • After successful login, on the main interface, Users click on Chat tab -> 4-petal flower icon -> first icon (Contacts) -> icon plus sign -> type User name want to find in the search bar -> click the Make friends button.

  • After successful login, on the main interface, Users click on Chat tab -> flower icon 4 wings -> second icon (Chat group) -> icon plus sign -> type chat group name If you want to create an empty box -> click on the Camera icon to select the avatar for the chat group -> select the member of the chat group -> click on the tick on the line Create group (top) -> press AGREE.

  • After successful login, on the main interface, Users click on Chat tab -> flower icon 4 wings -> second icon (Chat group) -> click on chat group to change avatar -> click on the icon (i) -> click on the avatar of the chat group -> select the image to replace -> press DONE.

  • After successful login, on the main interface, Users click on Chat tab -> flower icon 4 wings -> second icon (Chat group) -> click on chat group to change avatar -> click on the word icon (i) -> press Leave group -> press OK.

  • On the Chat tab, users select chat groups -> enter keywords in the search bar -> press GO.


  • Can I buy each module one by one?

    Customers can purchase each module individually to suit the urgent needs of the business. COMSSOFT modules can operate in the same system and can operate independently but still ensure the efficiency, data transfer rate as well as stability during operation.

  • All of our software products are completely FREE to try for 30 DAYS, but some features are limited.

    The trial registration process is as follows:

    • Customers register directly on the website: or contact our Customer Service staff through HOTLINE: 0902 50 60 67 for further advice before registering.
    • After completing the trial registration form on the website, Customer's information will be transferred to our technical team to process and build the data for trial.
    • Our sales staff will send you login information and provide product brochures and product manuals so customers can actively experience the software during the trial period.
    • Customers experience products.
    • At the end of the trial period, your trial account will be locked.
  • When not registering to purchase Hcosface service pack, Customer data created during use is stored on our system for 30 days (from the date of registration). After this time we will remove that data from the system and do not assume any responsibility for problems arising from the deleted data.