Set up the local area network system

Set up the local area network system

Set up the local area network system in safe, cost-saving and high security for businesses to have a solid foundation for a sustainable development.



Set up the Internet network infrastructure & system, and extra low voltage system


  • Set up server system

  • Set up and install the Internet network system

  • Install the local area network

  • Set up and install wifi 

  • Set up and install the camera system

  • Set up and install the internal telephone exchange

  • Set up and install the extra low voltage system

  • Install the office machines and equipment


Internet network operation and maitenance services 

  • Operate the internet net work for the clients
  • Conduct periodic maintenance



  • Services conducted by a skilled, dedicated and professional technical team
  • Safe, fast and accurate setup and installation
  • Save investment capital, and maintenance cost for clients
  • Save resources for clients thanks to safe and cost-saving execution process
  • Ensure stability, safety, smoothiness, and confidentiality for the entire system



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